Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Old MacDonald Sketch

For our summer challenge, I have chosen to depict the Old MacDonald nursery rhyme. Here's the sketch.
And here's the final!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Some of Our Favourite Books

At our most recent meeting, we discussed our favourite children's books/publications about illustrations.

Here are some of them:
"201x Children's Writer's And Illustrator's Market" editor Alice Pope 
Uppercase Magazine

"Illustrating Children's Books: Creating Pictures for Publication" by Martin Salisbury

"Who's Got the Apple" by Jan Loof 

"The Invention of Hugo Cabret" by Brian Selznick

"Inspector Peckit" by Don Freeman

"Miss Nelson is Missing!" by James Marshall and Harry Allard
"It Could be Worse" by James Stevenson
"Each Peach Pear Plum" by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
"Rainy Day Magic" by Marie Louise Gay
"Extra Yarn" by Jon Klassen and Marc Barnett
"Tales from Outer Suburbia" by Shaun Tan

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer challenge

Fantastic illustrator and SCBWI member, Alissa Staples, has provided us with the next topic for our challenge!

Hi Everyone!

 For this next challenge, illustrators get a choice between 1) a quick illustration topic, or 2) the text of a fairy tale to try the book spread challenge once again.

The quick topic is "Old MacDonald Had a Farm."

The book spread challenge is to do a picture book spread from "Jack and the Beanstalk."

The text is as follows (courtesy of

As the beanstalk finished, a path stretched in front of Jack. At a distance he could see a castle. When he reached the castle, he stood in front of the huge gate and pulled the bell. A large woman came out of the gate. "How did you reach here?" she asked, "come in before my husband arrives." Jack was taken into the kitchen. The table and chair were like mountains to him. "Have some breakfast, you must be hungry," said the woman. Jack ate a plate full of food. Loud steps could be heard suddenly. "That's my husband," said the woman, "you must hide or he will eat you." Jack went behind the gate. "Fee, Fo, Fi, Hum, I smell the blood of an English man. Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread," shouted the giant as he came into the kitchen. "You are imagining things," said his wife. "There is no English man here.  Your breakfast is on the table.
Jack watched the giant as he ate his breakfast & very often he would stop and sniff and then carry on eating. When he was full, he called his wife, "bring my golden hen." The hen was tiny and sat on the table in front of him. "Lay golden hen," said the giant. The hen began to lay eggs and they were golden eggs. Jack was seeing all the things from his hiding place. The giant soon began to snore and was fast asleep. Jack jumped and climbed the table, crept past the giant, picked up the hen and ran. He ran fast out of the castle and then down through the beanstalk.

The deadline will be July 31.  Remember, anyone is eligible to participate.  Good luck!


Alissa Staples- Sleeping Beauty

My intention was to create two spreads for this challenge, one of the state of the kitchen as everyone fell asleep, and one of the castle being gradually covered in brier roses.  I've inked the artwork and am in the middle of painting them, but alas, I did not make the deadline!  I hope to have these painted some day soon.